Ion Treat Engineers

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a company that manufactures testing devices which can be use by ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

At Ion, it has always been our endeavor to provide you with quality products like AQUASOL®, BACTASLYDE® & CHEKNSEE® are systems which are extremely easy to use, quick & reliable for all your testing needs. Also with vast experience in the water treatment field, we have a long list of formulations in our repertoire.

We specialize in easy to use testing systems, both for chemical as well as microbial parameters. These testing systems can be used for virtually any material, may it be solid, liquid, semisolid, etc. The systems conform to both national and International methods of testing. We also have our own set up of complete marketing infrastructure for both consumer as well as industrial segment, with a large network of 150 dealers.


Bactaslyde® : Bacteria Testing Dip Slide


BACTASLYDE® is a presterilized slide, coated with specially developed media, for the growth of a variety of bacteria, yeasts & fungi. Its dual media enables you to perform different tests, at a time. BACTASLYDE® can be used virtually in any industry.

BACTASLYDE® has been found to be reliable and compares well with conventional microbiological techniques. Such slides are in regular usage, worldwide, for monitoring microbiological contamination.


  • Avoid breakdowns
  • Optimise usage of water treatment chemicals
  • Improve efficiency
  • Prolong equipment life
  • Provide healthier working environment
  • Reduce corrosion

Salient Features

  • Microbiology laboratory not required
  • Can be used by non-technical people
  • Extremely easy and quick
  • No capital investment
  • Most Economical
  • Can be used at site very effectively.


AQUASOL® are complete systems available in one package, for reliable testing. Any time... Anywhere... You will believe in AQUASOL®, the more you use it.

Simple, Easy To Follow Procedures, Anytime... Anywhere...

AQUASOL® systems are extremely simple and easy to use. You neither have to be a trained chemist nor require any experience to get reliable results from these systems. AQUASOL® makes monitoring convenient and quick. Thus preventive action can be taken immediately.

Based On Proven Laboratory Methods Backed By Sound Chemical Research

AQUASOL® are systems based on standard and established analytical methods, backed by chemical research. These are simple adaptations of classic chemical analytical methods. The analytical methods are based on Standard Methods For Examination Of Water And Waste Water prepared by American Public Health Association (APHA), American Water Works Association (AWWA), different pharmacopoeias and other standard methods.

Rapid, Accurate And Reliable Results Are Achieved

You can have complete confidence in the results you obtain from AQUASOL®, as they are extremely reliable. AQUASOL® systems replace conventional analytical methods such as Titrimetric, Colorimetric and Spectrophotometric by simple drop test & standard colour comparison methods.

Low Cost, User Friendly, Compact And Portable Systems

AQUASOL® reagents are completely ready to use, conveniently packed, and therefore user friendly. Our drop count procedures and suitable colour comparisons are also economical.

AQUASOL® Gives You Freedom From The Need Of A Laboratory, Trained Manpower And Laborious Processes Involved

AQUASOL® systems are extremely convenient, and free you from the tedium of the laboratory, while saving precious time. Now you do not have to bother about reagent preparations and standardization. Therefore AQUASOL® systems have been designed especially for You, who require accuracy of the highest standards.


ChekNsee® detects the coliform group of bacteria

Water contaminated with bacteria is a major cause of water-borne disease in humans. Enteric diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery, typhoid, paratyphoid, gastroenteritis, cholera, etc. are caused by the tiny menaces viz bacteria. Detecting these dangerous but unseen predators is quite a tough task. Normally it is the domain of the white coated microbiologist who works amidst sterile conditions and a lot of hush hush secrecy. No longer! Modern science has now made testing so easy and convenient.

ChekNsee® tests a group of bacteria, which are found in sewage. They are present in the intestine of man and animal and are generally accompanied by the harmful disease causing bacteria. ChekNsee helps to check water from all kinds of sources viz. taps, purifiers, coolers, storage tanks, rivers, ponds, springs etc.. This extremely simple and convenient test can be carried out by anybody, anywhere i.e. homes, offices, factories, shops, banks, hospitals, hotels, schools, etc.


WTC: Complete Water Solution

ION has in its repertoire a basket full of water treatment chemical formulations for various applications.

The following are the various formulations according to their industries.

Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals

Industrial cooling systems are required to function smoothly. In order to get a maximum output it is essential to minimize scale, corrosion,fouling and Bio fouling. The chemical formulations for cooling water systems help to keep scale corrosion & Bio fouling at a minimum for a trouble free operation of the system.

Fuel side treatment programs are available for Fireside problems, while ensuring fuel saving. Industrial cleaner combination compounds for various applications viz Resin cleaning, Filter and media cleaning, Aluminium cleaning are also available.”

Tailor made formulations of the above are also available, catering to the specific needs of your systems:
  • Cooling water Treatment Chemicals with multipurpose and single formulations
  • Scale and corrosion Inhibitors for various types of waters
  • Dispersants and Biodispersants for specific applications
  • Biocides for microbial and algal control to provide trouble free operations
Our Range:
  1. Multipurpose: Scale, Corrosion Inhibitor And Dispersants
  2. Scale Inhibitor (Carbonate, Sulphate, Silica Inhibitor)
  3. Corrosion Inhibitor
  4. Dispersant
  5. Biodispersant
  6. Biocides
  7. On line cleaner


Algrosee® : Algae Test Kit

Algae the plant like microorganisms are prolific invaders of the open exposed parts of cooling systems such as the tower & the pond areas. They will grow rapidly if conditions are right and only require light; CO2 & water to synthesize their growth. Algae are often visible as green, felt-like mats in internal sections of cooling towers that are wet and accessible to sunlight.

Algal growth is extremely unsightly and will reduce the efficiency of the cooling tower as a heat exchanger. Loosened deposits will block & foul pipe work & other heat exchange surfaces. The dead cells contribute to the formation of the complex organic material “Humus”which supports the growth of other microorganisms particularly the anaerobictypes.

Filamentous and capsulated colonial algae coat splash packing thus interfering with the formation of droplets, which aid intimate contact of water and air. Algal growth prevents rainwater from wetting film packing and forming thin films which are Algae also secrete a mucilaginous sheath much like the slime layer in bacteria. The mucilage of the blue-green algae, in particular is associated with a peculiar form of movement called gliding that is exhibited when the organism is in contact with a firm surface. These sticky secretions may contribute significantly to complications in cooling systems such as clogged screens and fouled heat exchangers.

Many algae produce within their cells malodorous oils and poisonous cyclic alcohols these are released when the organisms die, and may cause foul odors.

Algrosee® is extremely easy to use

Just cut open media pouch and empty contents into the tube provided. Now add water sample to be tested upto red arrow mark. Place the tube on the Energy source. Observe the colour of the tube every day, for 4 days.

The medium used in AlgroSee has been specially formulated for the growth of a wide variety of Algae species viz, green, bluegreen, brown, red etc.